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At Utagg, we understand the value of hard work and meaningful connections in the business world. Our mission is to simplify networking for individuals who hustle daily, be they as seasoned professionals or startup owners navigating the challenging terrain of entrepreneurship.

UTAGG Features

Great Businesses Start with Great Connections

NFC Technology

Accessibility has never been easier. Never miss a potential connection with your business card right on your phone with your UTAGG.

Share Easily

It takes about 7.2 million trees annually to produce business cards, and 88% are reportedly discarded. Go green with UTAGG.

Custom Profile

Make your profile yours. Customize your page with your picture, your logo, a header image, and an introductory paragraph. 

QR Code

We generate a QR code that automatically links to your profile so there is always a way to access your UTAGG information on the go, 


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Digital Business Cards are the modern way of networking and storing information in an eco-friendly manner. This encourages an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. UTAGG prides itself in the ability to share your information through a number of different avenues such as, sharing your custom profile through links or a QR code.

Eco Friendly

Go green with UTAGG.

Change the way you connect. 

NFC Technology​

Faster than typing.

QR Code

QR code that automatically links to your profile.

Share Easily

Network efficiently and get ready to be remembered.

Custom Profile

Customize your information anytime.

Great Businesses Start with Great Connections

Unlock the future of networking with Utagg

Networking should be as easy as A, B, C! Elevate your connections effortlessly.